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How to use the yoni egg to enjoy your sex life

The practice of the egg is an intention, a long practice, spiritual and sensory, which can also accompany the perennial reeducation. It’s a state of mind. You have to let go, have no waiting. Yoni’s egg is not a sex toy per se. Do not wait for an immediate orgasm or incredible pleasure. The body interacts with matter, form. As you go along, your feelings will increase, your letting go will delight you.

Recommendations for use and against indications:

• Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling eggs.
• Remove the egg before going to the bathroom, especially for stools. Otherwise, remember to support your hand in case the egg comes down.
• Remove the egg immediately if you feel discomfort.
• Do not use the egg if you are pregnant, have a vaginal infection, vulva or bladder, or if you have your period.

First contact with his yoni egg:

When you start with the egg, the first step is to become familiar with your stone. Keep it with you as much as possible, carry it in your hands, charge yourself with its energy. You can also put it in contact with the vulva, without penetration. This period can last from a few days to a few months.

When you feel ready, get comfortable in a place where you feel safe. Your bed is ideal. Start by relaxing and taking a deep breath. Follow your breathing by imagining a wave that goes down the belly and goes up along your spine. Circulate the air, water and energy in you.

How to insert the yoni egg?

The practice of the egg of yoni must respect a single rule: Let the body do and not look at all costs to insert the egg. The vagina is a door that can open in relaxation and softness. It fits rather by the wide side, but it may enter the other side, which is no problem. Here too, let the body decide.

Expert tip: During the first use and introduction into the vagina, first put the yoni egg just in contact with the vulva and let the meeting happen. Enjoy this pleasant moment. Be confident about yoni egg safety.

Stages to insert your egg:

There are two ways to insert Yoni egg:

Let Go:

• Simply place the egg in contact with the lips, holding it with your hands or sliding it into your bottom.
• Then do not do anything more voluntarily, let yourself go completely.
• Do not push the egg inward; do not try to put it in yourself.
• Your body will decide to let it in or not.
• If you are well, you can fall asleep with your egg on contact, gentle and reassuring.

This practice is recommended for beginners and girls.


• Begin the process by caressing your entire body.
• Linger on the breasts, the crotch, the lips, and the clitoris.
• For a more pleasant touch, you can use organic coconut oil or a water-based lubricant, which will also facilitate the entry of the egg.
• Then place your egg in contact with the vulva and let your body do it.
• To increase the stimulation, place the egg in contact still cold. If it’s not nice for you, warm it in your hands beforehand.
• The lips will slowly open and slowly advance the egg to the entrance of the vagina.
• To facilitate the passage, massage and use your finger to caress the edge of the lips and relax.

If at this stage, the egg has not been inserted, it does not matter, enjoy the moment and try again next time without apprehension. You must not feel guilty or think that you are not made for that.

The vaginal lips are doors that open and close. If they do not feel like it, stick to it. It means your door is doing the job right!

Allow yourself time, discover yourself. It’s part of the yoni egg practice. Things will happen in you, whatever happens. To avoid any unpleasant feeling, stay tuned and never force. Let yourself be guided only by the sensations and the pleasure.

At the time of entry:

Feeling the egg penetrate is a unique and pleasant sensation. Let him pass, do not stiffen, but welcome him kindly. For those who like to play, delay the fun! Use the pelvic floor to repel the egg while it is at the entrance of the vagina. To delay the insertion is to increase the pleasure. The egg can be caught by the body and this moment is intense and enjoyable.

For the experts: The practice with several yoni eggs

If you have already tried all the stones, are very comfortable with the practice and want to go further, it is possible to use several eggs at the same time.

Offer the eggs by putting them in contact with the vulva, holding them with your hand or in your pants. Let the body choose, do not think. You can insert one and leave the other at the entrance of the vagina. Then if you wish, let it enter a second.

Recovering your yoni egg

Always in the same spirit, the removal of your yoni egg must be done gently and in relaxation. Here’s how to proceed:

• Lying: This is the most natural way to remove it, and this phenomenon is usually not controlled. The egg will come down suddenly, which really reminds a laying. A pleasant passage, where you have just enough time to recover it with your hand. With experience we can hold the descent, which greatly solicits the perineum and requires a high mastery of the subject and very interesting to work.
• The drawstring: The beginners usually start with a pierced egg, which allows inserting a cord to handle and recover the egg more easily. This is reassuring for the first uses and does not hinder the practice. Expert recommends using neutral, non-waxed and un-flavored dental floss. Then just guide the egg to the exit by pulling gently. Relax, breathe and let the egg pass. After use, remove and discard the string.
• Patience: In any case, if the egg does not go down or you cannot get it out, do not worry. You can wait and come back later. Otherwise, put yourself in a crouched position and contract the muscles slowly, as if you were going to the saddle, without forcing and the egg will be expelled. You can also pick it up with your fingers after washing your hands. Always be careful not to let it slide.

Before being a practice, Yoni’s egg is first and foremost an object which, as its name suggests, is in the form of an egg, a symbol of fertility and fertility. It is made of precious or semi-precious stone and as a rule, available in three sizes: small, medium and large (about 3/4/5 cm in height and 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 cm in diameter). In fact, the size of the egg allows the woman to explore her body in different ways. Because the vagina is very elastic, it shrinks and relaxes according to the degree of contraction of the muscles around it, so the smaller the egg, the more precise and subtle the work will be.