What’s so special about 9 Butt plugs with tails?

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Anal tail: How to Enjoy Orgasm with it

Buy anal tail can be for quick transformation. Only one butt plug with a tail can turn the wearer into a fox, cat, rabbit or even a unicorn. The accessory is attractive; there are 9 Butt plugs with tails that will up your role playing game but how to choose a tail for the ass and then how to care for such a unique intimate thing. This article will help you out to choose your secret love.

Anal tail or butt plug with tail is an accessory for role-playing games. It consists of two parts: The immersion base is the sleeve for the anus.

The tail itself is of natural or faux fur.

The connection of the two parts may be different. And when you buy, you need to pay attention to the size, materials, and methods of care.

Who needs butt plug with a tail?

Both a woman and a man can wear an anal sleeve with fur. This is a universal sex toy. But there are categories of people to whom this thing is especially useful:

• Lovers of role-playing games: New images using the tail come up very simple. It can be fabulous characters, favorite characters of films or cartoons, and even animals. To realize with the tail you get dozens of fantasies.
• Connoisseurs of reincarnation in animals: Pony-play is actively used in different teams. And if you want to become a horse, dog or cat – the tail will help with this.
• Those who love experiments in pairs; if you want something unusual, if you are tired of boring everyday life, you can buy an anal tail to feel something new. Already at the moment of choice there will be a pleasant anticipation, and then you can still think out ways to use them for a long time, and the process will definitely be interesting.
• People who are trying to return the passion in the relationship: If much has already been tested, then it is necessary to open each other from the new side. And if before the role-playing images of animals were not, you can start to play it. Reincarnation is available to both men and women, and this is a very exciting process.
• Those who are looking for a unique gift. Of course, not everyone can buy an anal tail. But if you are sure that friends like experiments, give a tail. Such a gift will make you smile and will definitely be remembered for a long time.

Anal tail is not suitable for those who like to save. This is a sex toy that cannot be called cheap. Quality things are expensive, and not serve too long.

How to use anal tail?

The principle of application is clear – the cork is inserted into the anus, and the fur part remains outside. But how can you beat such an acquisition?

• Meeting at the door: If a loved one does not know about such a purchase, you can surprise him by meeting after work already in robes. You can add ears, draw a mustache. And it is important to immediately enter the role of the character. It can be a chanterelle, a cat or a cat, a rabbit, a magic beast. And it is important to behave like this animal. It is not necessary to walk on all fours, but it is better to observe the habits of the fauna representative. Your partner will quickly understand the essence of the game and join the plot.
• Thoughtful script: If the purchase was thought out by two, then it is worth discussing your fantasies. Already it is very exciting. Need to write a script. There is no need to think through phrases, it is only important to discuss the characters of the characters and the main line of action. For example, chanterelle and hunter, which she is trying to deceive? Bunny and his strict educator, trying to teach him to read, etc. In the plot something must happen, for which then one of the participants will be rewarded or punished with the help of sex. When there is a plot, it is not difficult to translate it into reality.
• Spontaneous games: Each of the partners invents their character. And here they are found. This is an improvisation that can be very entertaining. But suitable experienced rolevikam. The plot is unpredictable, actions can be any, and then there will be many reasons to laugh.

Apply anal tail can be different. You can come up with games together, and there are millions of plots. It is only important not to be ashamed of your desires and communicate with your loved one.


Types of anal plugs with tails

What is the difference between anal tails? First of all the material of the submersible part: Most often the anal plug is made from the following materials:

• Silicone sleeve: Gentle to the touch, but rather tough. Silicone is a coating, inside is a more dense material. The body may be longer than others. Does not cause allergies or irritation. It has no smell or taste, does not absorb aromas.
• Metal sleeve: Very durable, hard to break. Could be cast and heavy. Or hollow, then light. Hard, not flexible. It is comfortable to wear only if it is small. You can apply with lubricants on any basis. Easy to wash, easy to store.
• Glass stopper: Special glass for sex toys does not break. Hardened material is almost impossible to break. Chips or cracks cannot form on the surface. Visually looks very stylish. You can heat or cool before use, keeps the temperature up to 20 minutes. Lubricants fit any. Wash easily. The material is not porous, does not absorb anything from the environment.
• Flexible PVC or TPR cork: Soft options are comfortable to wear. They just enter, and then they do not put pressure on the intestinal wall. Even a big traffic jam does not interfere with the movements. The material is gentle; it can be used with lubricants only water-based. It is advisable to keep it separate from other sex toys. Presented in different colors.
And the tails are different too. The main selection criterion is the material. All anal tails are divided into two large groups:
• Natural fur tail: Most often it is a fox or rabbit. The touch is very soft, delicate. But they can cause allergies.
• Faux fur tail. There are a variety of colors, with a long or short nap. Easy to care, unlike natural fur. It is also much cheaper.

To make the tail look spectacular, sometimes it is stuffed with additional materials. Or there may be a wire base inside so that it “sticks out” and does not hang when used.