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Realistic dildo: What are the best models?

Although sex toys are part of everyday life for many people, there is still some who do not know exactly what it looks like. You may not realise it, but the dildo or dildo does not date from yesterday but much longer since it goes back thousands of years. At that time, it was often used by people who sought to stimulate their vagina. Among all these sex toys, it is the realistic dildo or dildos that don’t look like dildos seduce the most.

What is a realistic dildo?

It is said before; the realistic dildo is one that is quite popular among sex toys. Its appearance is similar to that of a real erect penis. This strong resemblance gives rise to more natural penetration than with another dildo. It is in a way the double of the real penis so much that the testicles are curved and crumpled like real, the glans is soft, rounded and finally has very realistic veins and reliefs.

This type of dildo is intended for those who wish to acquire a sex toy whose resemblance is the closest regarding aesthetics but also the touch of a real male. It exists in different sizes and materials such as silicone to meet the expectations of everyone.

What are his functions?

It offers unusual sensations and pleasure close to those given by a real penis. The very realistic dildo can be used alone, with two or during multiple sexes. With this toy, its orgasm is guaranteed! It is possible to go back and forth as during regular sexual intercourse with vaginal penetration as anal. Man and woman are more and more fans of this ultra-realistic dildo.

Different models of realistic dildos

Do not rush into your choice because there are lots of hyper-realistic dildos all with the same slogan, fun! Let’s discover together the most popular models.

The Realistic Vibrating Dildo

Vibrating Dildo with Suction Cup and Retractable Function, WWMLY 7.87 ‘Realistic Impact Vibrator with a Length of 6.5’ Insertable – Sex toys for Women and Couple with Discreet Packaging.

10 Frequency Mode and Shock Function – Feel better sex and more orgasms with sexual vibrations and sexual effects, choose from 10 different waves like pulsations, slow and fast climbs, and more, personalise your sexual experience with erotic vibrations.

TPE Safe Body – This vibrating dildo is made of medical TPE, safe, soft, odourless, phthalate free, latex free, and nontoxic, suitable for using the human body for a better experience, expert suggest you enjoy it with lubricant-based.

Realistic Penis Sensation – This massive dildo with balls raised veins on his thick shaft, and an extensive and tapered head to reproduce the perfect male sex, this big sucking cock feels like a natural penis and is always hard for you.

Rechargeable USB – Built-in lithium-ion battery, fast USB charging and long-term use for a constant flow of stimulation, this realistic dildo can be recharged by PC, wall charger and Power Bank, convenient for home use and it is also ideal for a trip taking. This model is perfect for vaginal penetration or to stimulate the clitoris. It can be used alone, two or more. Its details very close to the real penis added to the vibrations promise an intense pleasure.

The Realistic Dildo Sucker

Vibrating Clitoral Vibrator Realistic Dildo is a Dildo with Big Size 9.5Inch 7 Strong Frequency – Dildo with Remote Control for Women.

Vibrating dildo leaves you feeling real erection in reality. This dildo is enough tongue to stimulate the point G. And more, and there are seven strong frequencies, it will encourage the clitoris more quickly and enter the vagina, you can feel full orgasm.
It is made of 100% liquid silicone, no allergies, nontoxic and odourless, soft, smooth and flexible with a definite shape, and the baby pacifier the same material. Depending on the female body, one designates the unique glans of the organ to facilitate insertion of your vagina and anus.

With a big size of 9.5Inch in length (about24cm) and a width of 1.8Inch (about4.5cm) a perfect substitute for a man and with the appropriate lubricant, it is more elastic, you allow enjoying the unique female ejaculation.

After use, you can clean very quickly with a sex toy cleaner or mild soap and water. Rinse thoroughly and cleanly. Then connect the charger to prepare for next time.

As the name implies, this realistic dildo is equipped with a suction cup allowing using it while keeping his hands free. Just place it on smooth and flat support. The suction cup can be used for vaginal or anal penetration.

The Realistic Dildo XXL

It is made of PVC material, non-toxic, does not contain latex. 25cm in length, insertable diameter 19cm, it is a perfect substitute for a man of average size or used as an ideal anal dildo. Look like penis simulation, full of elasticity, allowing you to enjoy female ejaculation alone. Easy to use and clean with waterproof function.

With a very organic uneven relief, this sex toy massages the intimate walls with high efficiency. Say yes to this sucking dildo. Very supple with very soft skin, it exerts a strong stimulation.

Here is one that will delight those who are found or fond of extreme pleasure. This dildo is hyper-realistic in its details up to a perfect imitation of the veins in which the blood flows during the excitement. The movements back and forth in the vagina or anus will be much appreciated on the one hand because of its size XXL and on the other side because of its flexibility. Because of its large size, it is recommended to use a lubricant for smooth penetration.

The Realistic Ejaculatory Dildo

This ejaculatory dildo is slightly curved for an intensive massage of point G. Ejaculation is activated by a manual pear. Enjoy an exquisite ejaculation, which goes far. Its suction cup allows it to attach to any surface.

It will never stop progress and even concerning sex toys as demonstrated by this realistic ejaculatory dildo. Not only is it the PVC look-alike of real sex in full erection but not that. This dildo has a small pump to slide under the purses after filling it with a water-based gel similar to actual sperm. It is primarily dedicated to fans of facial, vaginal or anal cum shots.

You have discovered a tiny selection of dildos as realistic as possible, but there is still a lot with including the realistic double dildo for vaginal and anal stimulation, the realistic anal dildo beside for example vaginal sex. You can also try the realistic strap dildo to discover new sensations or pleasures within your couple.

Do not wait a minute more and let yourself be tempted by these little sex toys that will lead you directly to anal orgasm or vaginal. Think before and after any use to clean your realistic dildo with warm water and soap.