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Tips to use Sex Wedge to enjoy ultimate Sensations

A wedge or sex wedges is one of the greatest pleasures that beings can enjoy sex. Most couples often look for ways to make their encounters more pleasurable, to reach orgasm more easily and for it to be more intense.

For this there are different techniques, postures, toys and sexual accessories. But if you want to turn your sexual experiences without too many complications, you can use an object that you always have within reach and that usually ends up forgotten on the side or on the floor: the wedge.

In the market there are wedges with a triangular or wedge design, which were originally created to help those, suffering from back pain, but which couples began to use for erotic purposes. These are the most popular to use during sexual encounters, but you can use any wedge or cushion you have at home. Here are some good reasons to do it.

They help penetration to be deeper. In positions where the woman is under the man, either face up or down, placing a wedge under the hip, pelvis or abdomen, helps to facilitate and make more comfortable access to the vagina. This also allows a deeper penetration, which causes the pleasure to intensify.

They allow to give more pleasure. By lifting the hips with the help of a wedge, it becomes easier to access the clitoris, which allows stimulation throughout the meeting so that the woman receives much more pleasure and it is easier to reach orgasm, as well as having several.

They improve the panorama:

Putting a wedge under the head or neck, in any position that implies lying down, makes the postures more comfortable and at the same time, makes possible a greater visual contact between the couple. Also, seeing the other person while maneuvering or enjoying can be very exciting. The wedges help to do it and to have a better angle of vision, without applying tension or effort in the neck.

They increase the closeness

From the hand of the previous point, the wedges also help the couple to be closer. By bringing their faces and torsos closer, they can kiss and caress each other while penetration occurs, which, in addition to giving more pleasure, strengthens the emotional connection.

They make oral sex easier and more comfortable

Oral sex postures that imply that one of the couple remains kneeling becomes more comfortable when placing a wedge under the knees, especially if a long session of oral sex is planned (the most recommended wedges for this are those of memory foam). In the case of cunnilingus, putting the wedge under the hip or pelvis facilitates access to the vulva and clitoris, which, in addition to providing a view that is very exciting, allows a better and more pleasant stimulation to the entire zone.

They help make things easier in any situation

If any of the members of the couple suffer pain or problems in the joints, back or neck, the wedges can be great allies to facilitate and make more comfortable the different positions. Also if they do not have enough flexibility, if they have a few extra kilos or need more support to stay in certain positions, the wedges become the ideal complement to have better sex sessions.

Here are some positions in which wedges can be used, but you can try different postures and modalities. The limit is in your creativity.

5 pose in sex for which you need a wedge

It may seem that the wedge in sex will only be superfluous. But it is not, not at all! With the help of a wedge, you will discover new angles for penetration, and some poses will become much simpler. Let’s try?

1. Pedestal

Create a pedestal of wedges and place your favorite vibrator on it. Sit on it and feel how you are securely fixed. Your partner is at the back and works with one (or two at once) from your “especially sensitive zones”. During an orgasm, let him be inside you, so that he feels everything the same way as you do. Want to solve all your problems in sex? Look at the problem wider! Say goodbye to failure in relationships and find a decent partner using the free online course “Man: Honest Instructions.”

2. Deep dive

Just look what can be done with the usual missionary pose, a mountain of wedges. It is a mountain, since you need a really good angle. The girl is better to throw the partner’s legs on the shoulders, that would completely relax and get dizzy orgasms.

3. Valley of Fire

A man builds himself a “throne” of wedges, sits on it and is fixed in this position. A kind of “valley” is formed between his legs, in which the girl is located. Such a trick with wedges reduces the inconvenience of posture and facilitates penetration due to the modified angle.

4. Retribution

Excellent posture for men who cannot boast of large size at the bottom – you just cannot slip. Everything else, the body is conveniently located for additional stimulation by hand or toys. The quality of sex often depends on the overall harmony within the couple.

5. Deep Doggy

The same doggie style but with a couple of wedges under the knees. Uniquely improves the look for a man, and a woman will help to get more deep pleasure during sex. Do not forget to lean on your knees instead of your hips!

Wedges, the ideal object to enjoy sex with your partner

If there is a sexual routine in your relationship, it is time to make or integrate something so as not to end up with what you have built for months.

It is important to be renewing within the relationship, especially if you do not want to fall into the routine, turning a night of passion into an obligation. To get out of the sexual routine you do not need to go to a Sex Shop or seek help from a couple’s specialist such as a sex therapist. With what you have in your room you can make the sexual encounter unforgettable.

One of the objects to which we give little importance and that always ends in the ground, but can become our great ally are the wedges. These can be used to practice some sexual positions with your partner.

Sexologists have indicated that one of the ideal positions to do with the pillows in the “magic mountain”, which consists of assembling a pillow tower, you lie on its face down, while your partner lies on you and is located between your legs, allowing him to penetrate you easily.

Finally, the best way to get out of the sexual routine is to use the imagination and put into practice all the positions that give us more pleasure, such as the “cat tongue”.