Sex Tips

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– [Male Porn Star] I got a hold, so I can do this. (female porn star moaning) – I like that. – I’m pulling her, it’s just that stimulation. It’s that pounding. (fist pounding palm) – Can we get a notepad? (laughing) (funky porn music) – WeI’ve been together for roughly three months. We’ve been dating, we’ve been together about a year. – Hm. – White boy sex is good! – I wanna go every day, but not everybody wants to. – I would like to know more about this mysterious G-spot. – I definitely could use tips on endurance. – [Bri] This is the target you – I’m missing that. – [Bri] are not hitting, I’m like, “Go here,” and he’s like, “All right”. – It would be fun to try more adventurous positions, something different. – I want to learn how to talk in bed, and look, I wanna know how to speak and be sexy. – I’m excited to learn some moves from a porn star, from a professional. – Hi, I’m Paris Kennedy. I’m a fetish model, adult performer, fetish adult performer, all of the above. – I’m Tommy Pistol, and I am an adult performer. We have worked together, we have had sex. – We have had sex on camera. I love talking about sex and giving advice. – I hope they’re not shy and really open up and really wanna get as dirty as they want. I will give them the most fucking honest answer I can. – [Bri] Bri. – [Jon] Hi Brie, how are you? (people talking and laughing) – Kyle. – [Paris] Paris. (energetic music) – [Jon] So this is spoon. – I like lifting my leg up, just a little bit, and kind of arching into him. Take off your belt, and this is cool because you have a little leash. You can move her around, and put it above the head. Little fun toy here to play with. – She’s a little controlling, but I think she’ll like that. – Well maybe, ’cause a lot of the time, the girls that are controlling, are the ones that really want to be tied up and dominated the most. – What I was saying about, sorry can I touch your vagina? – Yes! (laughs) – [Tommy] Light spanking. – It can be sensation play. – [Tommy] All this, your butt will get all red. – The spot right underneath the butt cheek, it’s called the sweet-spot in spanking porns, so this is a fun area to play. – Eye contact, dirty talk. – “Oh, that’s deep, that feels good.” Let him know, to do dirty talk is when it’s the truth and it’s real and I don’t have to think of things to say, because I’m just saying the truth. – Grabbing a nice– – Like a handful, oh yeah. – A nice chunk of hair. And then you can do that and everything. (Paris giggling) And some spanking. – The lady who cuts my hair, washes my hair and it feels really good when she does it. – Fucking A! – It’s similar to the nails. – Not for nothing, getting a haircut is fucking awesome. – Trick that I use in porn, I always try to work in fingers while I’m penetrating, because it stretches down and gives more stimulation. I could reach in, play with their G-spot and have sex. – You guys wanna try? – Yeah. (laughs) – It’s better to start slow ’cause then you know you’re limitation. – Booty’s almost off. – Cross the legs. – You’re gonna be getting some squats in right now. – [Bri] Nice. – Yeah, over the body. – Sweet-spot right there? (laughs) Can you feel that? – [Alexis] Yeah. – Think of it as also moving around. – Yeah, you have to find her spots. – While you’re rubbing her back and neck, and stuff like that, and saying, “I love your ass.” – I love smacking this goddamn ass. – She said, “That’s good baby.” She encourages you, that’s excellent. Do you feel like you’re going to cum too soon? You can stop, start going down on her. Then you’re focusing the pleasure on her and switching it up so that you can go back to that when you’re ready to finish. – You have to have along penis to do it like that, so that’s not going to work. – No, I swear I have been performing for 11 years, and do not have a gigantic cock. It’s not all about gigantic dicks. – It’s really not the size. – We’re playing into a camera, so we’re putting on a show. It’s a fantasy, that’s what we’re selling. But at the same thing at home, it’s your fantasy, you gotta be vocal and clear about it. You’re part is to respond and listen, and just really hear what each other’s saying. – It was fun, I think Paris and Tommy had a lot of good advice that could actually be used by couple at home. – Well, now, we’re going to tell each other more, “Okay, this is what I like.” In the moment, at that second. – Whole lot of communication that needs to be done. That’s what I’ve learned. – Yes, and in the bed and outside of the bed. – I think these are things that you tend to do more with more casual sex partners, but when you get in a relationship, you fall back into, “Oh, this somebody “I love, not somebody I spank or choke.” But it can be both. – I’m horny. (laughs) – It’s the sweet-spot. – Let’s go! (laughs)