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Sex toy of the month: know the erotic magic of the sexual Swing or Sling

What is sex swing/sling? Many people know it as a belt with a penis, since its placement is similar, although its use is very different. There are models with straps, support or without any strap (double penetration). It consists of placing this attachment at the height of the pubis, with an artificial penis and with this, takes a more dominant role in the sexual act.

Are there different sizes?

Yes, since they have interchangeable dildos, you can choose them in any shape, colour and size. There are two main types of slings, those that have adjustable straps and models without straps; also the fastening is important since, in addition to those that come with straps, there are panties with an integrated dildo, even the double slings that are introduced and held directly in the vagina. This is the aspect of your anatomy that prevents you from reaching an orgasm.

Do they all have the same function?

Yes, take a more active role during the sexual encounter and have the sensation of being the one who penetrates, both in a woman-woman or woman-man relationship. Besides, you can choose between different vibration speeds, and many of them are water resistant, so you can also use them under the shower!

What is it for?

They are often used to practice ‘pegging’ -penetration of a woman to a man- or in relationships between women. Also, for some ‘sadomasochistic’ practices or recreate some fantasy. It is ideal for you if you want to start experiencing something different and fun. But do follow all the sex swing/sling safety measures to avoid any unpleasant experience.

How is it used?

To begin with, it is straightforward to put on – and remove – and allows us to limit the other person’s movements, which – for many – gives a feeling of power and excitement. If you use the double penetration swing, it is very simple, and you only need to insert the shorter end into your vagina and penetrate with the other end to the other person. Its use is quite common in heterosexual couples who like to exchange roles and anal penetration and stimulation of male G-spot. Before starting it’s recommended that you to be clear that you are looking for this experience since, for many, the first time can be overwhelming.

How long should the experience last?

All the time that is good for you and your partner, there is no time limit for this experience.


There is no ideal in the spectrum, the number of times that is fine for you, that will be the correct frequency.

Secrets you need to know

Sex slings are trendy items on the market and are also known as the strap-on. Christian Gray is in no small extent the culprit of the boom of this toy and today, and you can find a variety of individual slings or kits to increase excitement in your daily relationships.

Expertadvice you that sex toys should not be shared with other people since you run the risk of contracting some STD (sexually transmitted disease), which -in this case- can be given thanks to the exchange of bodily fluids from one person to another when exchanging the toy.

How to choose the right sexual Swing?

If you have already tried a swing and you have already incorporated this practice into your sexual repertoire, it is essential that you choose a swing of higher quality and that you have in mind these tips to select properly. If you are a beginner, take care of these tips also that can help you to make this first experience as satisfactory as it should be:

Fasteners: The more wide the straps are, the more grips our hips will have and the more they will adapt to our natural movements when attacking. Avoid thin straps if you are a beginner, and you still do not fully master the use of the swing because at first they may seem less intrusive, but the grip is less.

That the straps are adjustable: To have a perfect grip is very important to adapt the swing to our measurements. Since there are many types of body and hip widths, make sure that the straps are adjustable and thus ensure you the ideal grip.

That the dildos are interchangeable: With time, it is possible that you want to go changing of dildos to experience different sensations, sizes and shapes.

Dildo material: There are more porous materials than others, so if it is a toy that is going to be used frequently we recommend using safer and easier to clean materials, such as silicone.

What can you use a sex swing for?

They can be used in different ways and with different purposes.

Pegging: In this practice, it is the woman who performs anal penetration to man. Many couples have joined this practice because the anal stimulation of man is being seen as something exclusively homosexual and many couples enjoy this exchange of roles.

Lesbian relationships: They are used by women who want to make penetrations to their partners in a comfortable way because in the manual penetrations they end up sleeping their hands and arms and are somewhat uncomfortable postures. On the contrary, with a swing, the active person is left with their hands-free and can continue to stimulate their partner in other ways.

For men: Men can use a hollow swing for many purposes: In the case that you want more play after ejaculating: He is very interested because at that moment he can put on the swing to continue stimulating his partner. In the case of erectile dysfunction: If this happens, it is an exciting option to keep having sex as a couple.In the case of wanting to stimulate the couple with a size, shape or texture different from that of the real penis.

Previous tips to keep in mind before using your plug

Use lubricants: It is especially important in a new practice that everything “flows” but in anal penetrations is also impressible since the anus lacks own lubrication.

Communication with the couple: It is essential to be sure that you both enjoy the introduction of this element, so to speak it before and during is fundamental.

Use the right size and shape: It will depend on your previous experience and your mastery of the use of the swing. Do not rush and delight in slow and smooth movements until you fully master the technique, so we ensure discomfort and unwanted friction.

In the case of hollow slings remember to lubricate the penis before placing the hollow penis because you could have unpleasant friction.