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Prostate Massage: Helps to reduce Prostate exhaustion

Prostate massage is one of the most specific procedures shown for the maintenance of male health, prescribed both for the treatment of some diseases and for their prevention. Therefore it is precious to know precisely how it affects men and when it can be harmful.

Prostate massage – benefits and features of significance for the male body

Prostate massage is a point mechanical effect on the prostate through the rectal wall, performed by a finger or a particular medical device (often with a vibration function). Moreover, to understand its meaning, it is essential to know what the prostate is:

  • This is an unpaired organ consisting of two equal parts joined by an isthmus, the size of the gland varies – from 2.5 to 4.5 cm in length and width and on the order of 2 cm in thickness;
  • There is an iron in the front of the small pelvis, directly between the intestine and the bladder;
  • Since the urethra passes neatly along the groove that separates the lobes of the gland, it is naturally compressed in inflammatory processes in it, which causes difficult, painful urination with prostatitis;
  • Functions of the kidney in the human body are not fully understood, but its great importance for the endocrine system (regulating the activity of internal organs through the production of hormones) is well known;
  • Iron produces a secret that participates in the formation of the composition of the ejaculate (sperm), which is necessary for the active movement and viability of spermatozoa;
  • Also, its essential functions include closing the exit from the bladder during erection.

Prostatitis (an inflammatory process in the tissues of the prostate gland) is one of the most common male urological diseases, for the treatment of which (together with the use of medicines) and often is prescribed prostate massage.

Moreover, the effectiveness of the procedure is higher the more it will resort to it, and many doctors also insist on its necessity as a preventive measure for prostatitis (as well as adenoma, prostate cancer and some other diseases).

The effectiveness of prostate massage in all cases is due to some reactions caused by it, the most important of which are the following:

  • The outflow of surplus secretions – the fact is that it is produced by the gland in reserve and should be consumed during sexual intercourse, but if a man for some reason does not have a regular sexual life, the secret can accumulate in a harmful excess;
  • Activation of the processes of iron synthesis of specific substances;
  • Improvement of blood circulation in the gland tissues and further, roughly speaking, by inertia, throughout the pelvic region, which positively affects, in particular, the work of the urinary tract;
  • The normalisation of the processes of renewal of gland cells, improvement of saturation of its tissues with oxygen (which is very important for preventing their malignant degeneration)
  • Withdrawal of toxins from the gland;
  • Also, due to healthy blood circulation and lymph flow, chemicals that enter the body as a part of medicines for the treatment of diseases of the prostate gland are fully absorbed by it and act most fully.


In what other cases will benefit from prostate massage?

Because of the massage effect described above (mainly due to the normalisation of blood flow), and also in connection with many other areas of its influence on the male body, massage is often prescribed to improve the patient’s intimate health (with existing problems and even in their absence, again for prevention). It is proved that a timely prostate massage is capable of:

  • Lower the threshold of excitability;
  • Strengthen the erection;
  • Prevent premature ejaculation;
  • Prolong the time of sexual intercourse;
  • Enhance the pleasure of intimacy (orgasm).

Thus, massage is simple can be very useful:

  • In periods of increased emotional stress and stress, as is known, often spoiling the entire sex life;
  • After protracted illnesses and serious injuries, when the body is busy with its recovery and intimate needs are naturally removed, as not the paramount ones;
  • At the age of 45-50 years, when the processes of natural extinction begin in the most personal sphere of a person’s life.

What else you need to know about the benefits of prostate massage?

Sometimes the procedure can be shown with the purpose of diagnosing the patient’s condition, that is, it is carried out once for taking the secretion of the prostate gland.

The duration of the procedure is only a few minutes (2-5), and the number of sessions prescribed by the doctor for treatment or prevention is determined individually, but on average, for many patients, everything is limited to 6-12 sessions.

The benefits of a prostate massage are possible only when performing a procedure with a full bladder, for which it is recommended to drink 800-1000 ml of liquid (tea, juice, water) before it.

It is important to note that, for all its usefulness, prostate massage is not a panacea and whether it is indicated for the treatment of a specific disease or for improving potency, it is necessary to adjust your lifestyle to achieve the best results of therapy.

For example, the factors provoking the development of prostatitis are:

  • Frequent hypothermia;
  • Malnutrition (in particular, the abundance of oily and spicy food);
  • Weak immunity;
  • Alcohol abuse;
  • Insufficient mobility (leading, in particular, to stagnation of blood in a small pelvis).

Specific recommendations on what needs to be changed in the first place, again give the doctor.

That is the effectiveness of procedures can be increased, as well as avoiding the relapse of diseases in the future if only to make changes in their daily routine. The least common (and, as many doctors believe, less effective) methods of affecting the prostate gland for therapeutic purposes are external massage and massage through the urethra (it is also very traumatic).

Finally, it should be noted that prostate massage can be accompanied by unpleasant, painful sensations, not too intense, if the procedure is performed by the doctor and often due to the patient’s tightness, restraint, inability to relax. Therefore, for this massage, a good mood is so important, in the end, it lasts only a few minutes, but prostate massage brings invaluable benefits to the male body and helps to prevent prostate exhaustion.