Sex swing/sling safety on your sex blog

Sex toy of the month: know the erotic magic of the sexual Swing or Sling

What is sex swing/sling? Many people know it as a belt with a penis, since its placement is similar, although its use is very different. There are models with straps, support or without any strap (double penetration). It consists of placing this attachment at the height of the pubis, with an artificial penis and with this, takes a more dominant role in the sexual act.

Are there different sizes?

Yes, since they have interchangeable dildos, you can choose them in any shape, colour and size. There are two main types of slings, those that have adjustable straps and models without straps; also the fastening is important since, in addition to those that come with straps, there are panties with an integrated dildo, even the double slings that are introduced and held directly in the vagina. This is the aspect of your anatomy that prevents you from reaching an orgasm.

Do they all have the same function?

Yes, take a more active role during the sexual encounter and have the sensation of being the one who penetrates, both in a woman-woman or woman-man relationship. Besides, you can choose between different vibration speeds, and many of them are water resistant, so you can also use them under the shower!

What is it for?

They are often used to practice ‘pegging’ -penetration of a woman to a man- or in relationships between women. Also, for some ‘sadomasochistic’ practices or recreate some fantasy. It is ideal for you if you want to start experiencing something different and fun. But do follow all the sex swing/sling safety measures to avoid any unpleasant experience.

How is it used?

To begin with, it is straightforward to put on – and remove – and allows us to limit the other person’s movements, which – for many – gives a feeling of power and excitement. If you use the double penetration swing, it is very simple, and you only need to insert the shorter end into your vagina and penetrate with the other end to the other person. Its use is quite common in heterosexual couples who like to exchange roles and anal penetration and stimulation of male G-spot. Before starting it’s recommended that you to be clear that you are looking for this experience since, for many, the first time can be overwhelming.

How long should the experience last?

All the time that is good for you and your partner, there is no time limit for this experience.


There is no ideal in the spectrum, the number of times that is fine for you, that will be the correct frequency.

Secrets you need to know

Sex slings are trendy items on the market and are also known as the strap-on. Christian Gray is in no small extent the culprit of the boom of this toy and today, and you can find a variety of individual slings or kits to increase excitement in your daily relationships.

Expertadvice you that sex toys should not be shared with other people since you run the risk of contracting some STD (sexually transmitted disease), which -in this case- can be given thanks to the exchange of bodily fluids from one person to another when exchanging the toy.

How to choose the right sexual Swing?

If you have already tried a swing and you have already incorporated this practice into your sexual repertoire, it is essential that you choose a swing of higher quality and that you have in mind these tips to select properly. If you are a beginner, take care of these tips also that can help you to make this first experience as satisfactory as it should be:

Fasteners: The more wide the straps are, the more grips our hips will have and the more they will adapt to our natural movements when attacking. Avoid thin straps if you are a beginner, and you still do not fully master the use of the swing because at first they may seem less intrusive, but the grip is less.

That the straps are adjustable: To have a perfect grip is very important to adapt the swing to our measurements. Since there are many types of body and hip widths, make sure that the straps are adjustable and thus ensure you the ideal grip.

That the dildos are interchangeable: With time, it is possible that you want to go changing of dildos to experience different sensations, sizes and shapes.

Dildo material: There are more porous materials than others, so if it is a toy that is going to be used frequently we recommend using safer and easier to clean materials, such as silicone.

What can you use a sex swing for?

They can be used in different ways and with different purposes.

Pegging: In this practice, it is the woman who performs anal penetration to man. Many couples have joined this practice because the anal stimulation of man is being seen as something exclusively homosexual and many couples enjoy this exchange of roles.

Lesbian relationships: They are used by women who want to make penetrations to their partners in a comfortable way because in the manual penetrations they end up sleeping their hands and arms and are somewhat uncomfortable postures. On the contrary, with a swing, the active person is left with their hands-free and can continue to stimulate their partner in other ways.

For men: Men can use a hollow swing for many purposes: In the case that you want more play after ejaculating: He is very interested because at that moment he can put on the swing to continue stimulating his partner. In the case of erectile dysfunction: If this happens, it is an exciting option to keep having sex as a couple.In the case of wanting to stimulate the couple with a size, shape or texture different from that of the real penis.

Previous tips to keep in mind before using your plug

Use lubricants: It is especially important in a new practice that everything “flows” but in anal penetrations is also impressible since the anus lacks own lubrication.

Communication with the couple: It is essential to be sure that you both enjoy the introduction of this element, so to speak it before and during is fundamental.

Use the right size and shape: It will depend on your previous experience and your mastery of the use of the swing. Do not rush and delight in slow and smooth movements until you fully master the technique, so we ensure discomfort and unwanted friction.

In the case of hollow slings remember to lubricate the penis before placing the hollow penis because you could have unpleasant friction.

Blow up dolls on your sex blog

Tips for doing Blow job and the Invention of Blow up doll models

To begin, you must show that you want to. So make your plan and take time, move in a comfortable way and attack the four stages.

1. Awakening

Do not put the sex of your lover in the mouth if he does not have an erection, it will not be nice. Preliminaries to a blowjob! To do this, you can take care of its erogenous zones such as the spinal knot at the root of the hair, in the neck. You can also create vibrations through his pants with your nails or caress him tenderly.

2. The geisha massages

Before the mouth, hands enter the scene. Remember to have them soft and use lubricant if necessary. To masturbate your man, think about exerting a stronger pressure during the movement from the bottom to the top and make sure that the rhythm is sufficiently sustained.

3. The mouth enters the scene

At this stage, the penis should no longer have contact with the hands. This would reduce the sensation of contact with the lips. Avoid moving your sex, rather adapt your position.

Start with gentle kissing, lip service, along the urethra and up to the brake. Become aware of your breath, he has a role to play too. Then put the tip of your tongue between your lips for kisses more wet.

The tongue then caresses the penis. Always stop before the glans to create frustration and make your man want more.
Start the blowjob by licking your tongue on the brake and all around the crown. Then lick the glans gently.

Once all this preparation started, suck the glans a bit and recalculate it with your mouth. Then take care of the rest of the body, it will make him crazy.

Come back under the belt and remove the glans with the lips. You do not have to go back and forth. Your hands now have a role to play as an extension of the mouth along the penis.

4. The after

When a man is going to ejaculate, the glans swells and there is a contraction along the urethra. Learn to recognize these signs so as not to be surprised unless you have chosen to welcome the sperm of your partner in the mouth.

So when were the blow up dolls made, the manufacturing companies, specialized in erotic services, promises to open a robotic coffee-pipe in Rive. The blowjobs will be administered by silicone dolls equipped with a vibrating mouth. Publicity shot? Whether performed by real or fake girls, in Geneva, the tariffed sexual services are proscribed in the bistros. The project falls apart.

After two weeks, LumiDolls closed: the lease was terminated by an owner furious to learn the exact nature of the business he housed. The brothel moves to secret premises … without it being possible to verify this information. The site invites to make a reservation online. You must indicate the doll of your choice and the way you want it to be dressed: in lingerie, schoolgirl, businesswoman or jogging suit.

In America, a country that fights prostitution, dolls first appeared as life-saving outlets

In the press, fantasies are going well. Some journalists are worried: will dolls compete with flesh and bone prostitutes? Others are enthusiastic: thanks to dolls, the perverse and frustrated can “be satisfied” without any human being wronged, they say, going so far as to predict the end of trafficking in human flesh.

The professional sex association says: A doll cannot speak. Do not drink champagne with you, noting that prostitute clients are not necessarily bullies. Even venal, desire is words and exchanges. How to make him born with an inert object? Is it possible to get excited about an ersatz cold skin, heavy as a corpse and fixing the ceiling with an empty eye.

The love doll, a luxury muse

Do not believe at all in the profitability of a brothel of dolls. Firm based in Lyon that manufactures and distributes love dolls American design. Dolls are not sex toys. They are not designed for that. After a few weeks of intensive use, especially with customers who do not know how to handle them, the dolls break. So it’s not profitable. When a man pays just 100 dollars for a shot, he does not care if the love doll is a luxury item made by hand.

Behrouz Mehri

In America, in a very revealing way, the thousands of doll brothels disappeared for the same reasons: customers who wanted to “take a shot” did not like dolls for themselves. They damaged them. Some even photographed their silicone partner in a ridiculous posture, then posted the image on the Internet, as if to avenge itself.

When the phenomenon called doll fuzoku (“sex business dolls”) starts in late 2003, it is well received: in this country that fights prostitution, the dolls are like life-saving outlets. With her, the tariffed relationship becomes legal. Customers as well as club patrons rejoice. It is about putting expensive objects within the reach of all, to democratize access to a sexuality deemed more humane and cleaner.

Dolls working for nothing

By replacing flesh-and-bone women with dolls, brothel bosses were thinking of bringing in new customers, while reducing the cost of labor to zero. Cradled by illusions, the media see this unprecedented trade as a way to solve both the frustration of men and the exploitation of women. Love dolls are also nicknamed iyashi goods: “produced to heal”, alluding to their ability to “heal the heart”. In Switzerland and Spain, several projects aimed at replacing prostitutes with silicone beings have emerged. Launched in 2003 in America, the phenomenon of “sex business” dolls yet suffered a resounding failure.

A deceptive boom

The article however mentions a troubling fact that is already announcing the upcoming financial bankruptcy: when the journalist asks him who the customers are, Kimura answers: Ordinary men between the ages of 30 and 40 who come to see. It turns out that the doll fuzoku boom relies almost entirely on the effect of novelty. That is to say those customers, once their curiosity satisfied, do not return. Dolls, unlike prostitutes seem unable to retain a customer.

To want, the customer needs the other person to look at it. And offers himself as the mirror of his fantasy

As of January 2005, the clubs begin to close one after the other. In April, the magazine Gendai Net publishes an enlightening report on why those who go to the “brothel doll” do so usually only once. “Our customers, for the most part, are out of curiosity,” says a manager. There are also people who are reluctant to buy a doll and do a “test drive.” The test ride is inconclusive, it seems. To try to understand the cause, another review, leads the investigation: in September 2005, she hires several testers to go to the brothel. Their testimony is enlightening. They say they feel a great embarrassment when they find the doll lying on the bed.

Chastity underwear on your sex blog

Using a male chastity belt can be very pleasant, but few know it

The chastity underwear for women is known, especially for the historical references that tell us how, when the lord of the castle on duty was going to fight his battles for the world, he left the lady of the house with a Hulk that prevented him from having sex with other men. Probably also bothered him to go to the bathroom, clean up etc. but yes, the honour of the warrior was safe.

What is not so well known is the existence of the so-called male chastity belts, a kind of anatomical cages in which the penis is inserted, the padlock is closed, and the key is given to the person to whom submission is offered. Although there are also those who do not do it because of subjection to another, simply as a private game, come on, they put it on and take it off when they feel like it.

Male chastity underwear

What happens when you wear a chastity belt or underwear? Well look, roughly it turns out that you cannot have erections, because it does not fit inside, of course, any sex, you cannot even masturbate and, logically, it is impossible to have an orgasm. Surely the majority has shrunk your stomach just thinking about it, but as for tastes were made colours, there are those who get excited a lot imagine it. Those who use it claim that depriving oneself of orgasm increases sexual desire and in the relations of domination/submission it is an added incentive because the master in question can deny the one who leads him not only of having relationships but purely and directly to cum.

Of course, the trust between the person who carries it and whoever holds the key must be absolute because it implies a great responsibility for the dominant one. The user of the belt may feel discomfort when using it, and if it is defective or quietly not adequately positioned, injuries may occur, and the key holder must be available to remove it as quickly as possible.

By carrying this belt, you feel that you have no control over your cock, which reinforces the feeling of feeling inferior, someone who does not deserve or run and who should be put in place. And this is said by a boy who in his normal life is an extroverted and ambitious guy, a winner with a hidden facet. How amazing is the human being and how great it is that everyone can live their sexuality as they please!

The invention of this mechanical Ingenuity, known as the chastity underwear, took place in the Middle Ages, around the twelfth century. He arrived in all over the world after, reaching great diffusion throughout Europe, especially in the Renaissance period. Also, it received other denominations, like the belt of Venus or Florentine belt.

The belt of chastity appears in history as a reflection of the mentality of the nascent medieval bourgeoisie, which considered women, or more specifically their sex, as one of their properties and, therefore, worthy of the strictest protection and surveillance. Now, the bourgeois did not possess strong castles with high towers to hide his lady, in the style of the great lords of the feudal nobility. Therefore, he managed to find another method no less expeditious, but within reach, to prevent the possible infidelities of his wife and retain family honour over any contingency. So when the bourgeois went on a business trip and could not keep an eye on his wife, he resorted to the chastity belt.

Invalid any Sexual Devaneo?

Needless to say, that passionate defender of the cult of women as is the man was not satisfied with just watching and protecting his legitimate wife. The lovers or concubines ran the same fate as the former. Thus, the forceful system of chastity belts was introduced.

This repressive instrument, so ingenious and exclusively for women, consisted of a piece of metal that covered the sexual organs of women. Naturally, such a metal barrier, locked with a padlock, of which only the husband was supposed to possess the key, made any sexual flirtation unfeasible.

However, this unbearable and jealous care of the husbands did not avoid, apparently, the dangerous temptations of the women, who with much insight and no less ingenuity managed to get one or even several more keys from that safe. Precisely throughout the satirical repertoire of the time abound stories and allusions full of humour and irony about the second key of such belts.

Velvet and Silver Belt

The most varied models were made from the chastity belt, from the poorest and most straightforward, the wealthiest and most sophisticated, worthy of the most demanding taste. The belt is made of velvet and encircled the thighs and buttocks, pressing against the sex a silver plate in which a small hole had been formed.

In 1889, in an Austrian church, the skeleton of a woman who still wore the chastity belt with which she had been buried was discovered. It consisted of a series of belts, linked at various points that surrounded the pelvic region. Two metal plates covered the front and back, and although a buckle could remove the latter, the previous plate was secured by a lock.

Some of these belts have become authentic museum pieces, because of the richness and good taste with which they were adorned. In the Farnham museum of Blandfort, in Dorset (England), there is a chastity belt of metal plates and exceptional conformation. Even the holes are artistically carved. In the dishes, there is a double security system and pins so that they could be lined with some soft touch material such as velvet or similar, which avoids the scourges. Among the belts that are exhibited in the Cluny museum, there is one from Spain.

Survival in the Nineteenth Century

The use of chastity belts goes back to relatively modern times. Still in the nineteenth century, in the United States, the women of the pioneers of Pennsylvania wore these belts, made with strips of thick, joined by rivets. Two more that encircled the body entered the strip that passed between the legs, and at a certain point, they were secured with a padlock. Even mothers put these insurances to their daughters when they went hiking; they were called “day belts”.

The widespread and stupid habit of restricting the freedom of women in the matter of love has brought with it the use, according to the times and the countries, of many other procedures more or less vulnerable to the chastity belts. Sometimes, these methods, as well as rude, deserve the name of savages. Such as, for example, the practice of Infibulation, more primitive than that of the chastity belts. It was to introduce between big lips organ sexual woman a thick ring, clasps, buckles or other similar instruments that would prevent any possibility of the sexual relationship. This ancient custom is still practised today in certain countries of the Far East and certain places in Africa.

More info on male chastity belts here:

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Yoni egg safety on your sex blog

How to use the yoni egg to enjoy your sex life

The practice of the egg is an intention, a long practice, spiritual and sensory, which can also accompany the perennial reeducation. It’s a state of mind. You have to let go, have no waiting. Yoni’s egg is not a sex toy per se. Do not wait for an immediate orgasm or incredible pleasure. The body interacts with matter, form. As you go along, your feelings will increase, your letting go will delight you.

Recommendations for use and against indications:

• Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling eggs.
• Remove the egg before going to the bathroom, especially for stools. Otherwise, remember to support your hand in case the egg comes down.
• Remove the egg immediately if you feel discomfort.
• Do not use the egg if you are pregnant, have a vaginal infection, vulva or bladder, or if you have your period.

First contact with his yoni egg:

When you start with the egg, the first step is to become familiar with your stone. Keep it with you as much as possible, carry it in your hands, charge yourself with its energy. You can also put it in contact with the vulva, without penetration. This period can last from a few days to a few months.

When you feel ready, get comfortable in a place where you feel safe. Your bed is ideal. Start by relaxing and taking a deep breath. Follow your breathing by imagining a wave that goes down the belly and goes up along your spine. Circulate the air, water and energy in you.

How to insert the yoni egg?

The practice of the egg of yoni must respect a single rule: Let the body do and not look at all costs to insert the egg. The vagina is a door that can open in relaxation and softness. It fits rather by the wide side, but it may enter the other side, which is no problem. Here too, let the body decide.

Expert tip: During the first use and introduction into the vagina, first put the yoni egg just in contact with the vulva and let the meeting happen. Enjoy this pleasant moment. Be confident about yoni egg safety.

Stages to insert your egg:

There are two ways to insert Yoni egg:

Let Go:

• Simply place the egg in contact with the lips, holding it with your hands or sliding it into your bottom.
• Then do not do anything more voluntarily, let yourself go completely.
• Do not push the egg inward; do not try to put it in yourself.
• Your body will decide to let it in or not.
• If you are well, you can fall asleep with your egg on contact, gentle and reassuring.

This practice is recommended for beginners and girls.


• Begin the process by caressing your entire body.
• Linger on the breasts, the crotch, the lips, and the clitoris.
• For a more pleasant touch, you can use organic coconut oil or a water-based lubricant, which will also facilitate the entry of the egg.
• Then place your egg in contact with the vulva and let your body do it.
• To increase the stimulation, place the egg in contact still cold. If it’s not nice for you, warm it in your hands beforehand.
• The lips will slowly open and slowly advance the egg to the entrance of the vagina.
• To facilitate the passage, massage and use your finger to caress the edge of the lips and relax.

If at this stage, the egg has not been inserted, it does not matter, enjoy the moment and try again next time without apprehension. You must not feel guilty or think that you are not made for that.

The vaginal lips are doors that open and close. If they do not feel like it, stick to it. It means your door is doing the job right!

Allow yourself time, discover yourself. It’s part of the yoni egg practice. Things will happen in you, whatever happens. To avoid any unpleasant feeling, stay tuned and never force. Let yourself be guided only by the sensations and the pleasure.

At the time of entry:

Feeling the egg penetrate is a unique and pleasant sensation. Let him pass, do not stiffen, but welcome him kindly. For those who like to play, delay the fun! Use the pelvic floor to repel the egg while it is at the entrance of the vagina. To delay the insertion is to increase the pleasure. The egg can be caught by the body and this moment is intense and enjoyable.

For the experts: The practice with several yoni eggs

If you have already tried all the stones, are very comfortable with the practice and want to go further, it is possible to use several eggs at the same time.

Offer the eggs by putting them in contact with the vulva, holding them with your hand or in your pants. Let the body choose, do not think. You can insert one and leave the other at the entrance of the vagina. Then if you wish, let it enter a second.

Recovering your yoni egg

Always in the same spirit, the removal of your yoni egg must be done gently and in relaxation. Here’s how to proceed:

• Lying: This is the most natural way to remove it, and this phenomenon is usually not controlled. The egg will come down suddenly, which really reminds a laying. A pleasant passage, where you have just enough time to recover it with your hand. With experience we can hold the descent, which greatly solicits the perineum and requires a high mastery of the subject and very interesting to work.
• The drawstring: The beginners usually start with a pierced egg, which allows inserting a cord to handle and recover the egg more easily. This is reassuring for the first uses and does not hinder the practice. Expert recommends using neutral, non-waxed and un-flavored dental floss. Then just guide the egg to the exit by pulling gently. Relax, breathe and let the egg pass. After use, remove and discard the string.
• Patience: In any case, if the egg does not go down or you cannot get it out, do not worry. You can wait and come back later. Otherwise, put yourself in a crouched position and contract the muscles slowly, as if you were going to the saddle, without forcing and the egg will be expelled. You can also pick it up with your fingers after washing your hands. Always be careful not to let it slide.

Before being a practice, Yoni’s egg is first and foremost an object which, as its name suggests, is in the form of an egg, a symbol of fertility and fertility. It is made of precious or semi-precious stone and as a rule, available in three sizes: small, medium and large (about 3/4/5 cm in height and 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 cm in diameter). In fact, the size of the egg allows the woman to explore her body in different ways. Because the vagina is very elastic, it shrinks and relaxes according to the degree of contraction of the muscles around it, so the smaller the egg, the more precise and subtle the work will be.

Sex wedge on your sex blog

Tips to use Sex Wedge to enjoy ultimate Sensations

A wedge or sex wedges is one of the greatest pleasures that beings can enjoy sex. Most couples often look for ways to make their encounters more pleasurable, to reach orgasm more easily and for it to be more intense.

For this there are different techniques, postures, toys and sexual accessories. But if you want to turn your sexual experiences without too many complications, you can use an object that you always have within reach and that usually ends up forgotten on the side or on the floor: the wedge.

In the market there are wedges with a triangular or wedge design, which were originally created to help those, suffering from back pain, but which couples began to use for erotic purposes. These are the most popular to use during sexual encounters, but you can use any wedge or cushion you have at home. Here are some good reasons to do it.

They help penetration to be deeper. In positions where the woman is under the man, either face up or down, placing a wedge under the hip, pelvis or abdomen, helps to facilitate and make more comfortable access to the vagina. This also allows a deeper penetration, which causes the pleasure to intensify.

They allow to give more pleasure. By lifting the hips with the help of a wedge, it becomes easier to access the clitoris, which allows stimulation throughout the meeting so that the woman receives much more pleasure and it is easier to reach orgasm, as well as having several.

They improve the panorama:

Putting a wedge under the head or neck, in any position that implies lying down, makes the postures more comfortable and at the same time, makes possible a greater visual contact between the couple. Also, seeing the other person while maneuvering or enjoying can be very exciting. The wedges help to do it and to have a better angle of vision, without applying tension or effort in the neck.

They increase the closeness

From the hand of the previous point, the wedges also help the couple to be closer. By bringing their faces and torsos closer, they can kiss and caress each other while penetration occurs, which, in addition to giving more pleasure, strengthens the emotional connection.

They make oral sex easier and more comfortable

Oral sex postures that imply that one of the couple remains kneeling becomes more comfortable when placing a wedge under the knees, especially if a long session of oral sex is planned (the most recommended wedges for this are those of memory foam). In the case of cunnilingus, putting the wedge under the hip or pelvis facilitates access to the vulva and clitoris, which, in addition to providing a view that is very exciting, allows a better and more pleasant stimulation to the entire zone.

They help make things easier in any situation

If any of the members of the couple suffer pain or problems in the joints, back or neck, the wedges can be great allies to facilitate and make more comfortable the different positions. Also if they do not have enough flexibility, if they have a few extra kilos or need more support to stay in certain positions, the wedges become the ideal complement to have better sex sessions.

Here are some positions in which wedges can be used, but you can try different postures and modalities. The limit is in your creativity.

5 pose in sex for which you need a wedge

It may seem that the wedge in sex will only be superfluous. But it is not, not at all! With the help of a wedge, you will discover new angles for penetration, and some poses will become much simpler. Let’s try?

1. Pedestal

Create a pedestal of wedges and place your favorite vibrator on it. Sit on it and feel how you are securely fixed. Your partner is at the back and works with one (or two at once) from your “especially sensitive zones”. During an orgasm, let him be inside you, so that he feels everything the same way as you do. Want to solve all your problems in sex? Look at the problem wider! Say goodbye to failure in relationships and find a decent partner using the free online course “Man: Honest Instructions.”

2. Deep dive

Just look what can be done with the usual missionary pose, a mountain of wedges. It is a mountain, since you need a really good angle. The girl is better to throw the partner’s legs on the shoulders, that would completely relax and get dizzy orgasms.

3. Valley of Fire

A man builds himself a “throne” of wedges, sits on it and is fixed in this position. A kind of “valley” is formed between his legs, in which the girl is located. Such a trick with wedges reduces the inconvenience of posture and facilitates penetration due to the modified angle.

4. Retribution

Excellent posture for men who cannot boast of large size at the bottom – you just cannot slip. Everything else, the body is conveniently located for additional stimulation by hand or toys. The quality of sex often depends on the overall harmony within the couple.

5. Deep Doggy

The same doggie style but with a couple of wedges under the knees. Uniquely improves the look for a man, and a woman will help to get more deep pleasure during sex. Do not forget to lean on your knees instead of your hips!

Wedges, the ideal object to enjoy sex with your partner

If there is a sexual routine in your relationship, it is time to make or integrate something so as not to end up with what you have built for months.

It is important to be renewing within the relationship, especially if you do not want to fall into the routine, turning a night of passion into an obligation. To get out of the sexual routine you do not need to go to a Sex Shop or seek help from a couple’s specialist such as a sex therapist. With what you have in your room you can make the sexual encounter unforgettable.

One of the objects to which we give little importance and that always ends in the ground, but can become our great ally are the wedges. These can be used to practice some sexual positions with your partner.

Sexologists have indicated that one of the ideal positions to do with the pillows in the “magic mountain”, which consists of assembling a pillow tower, you lie on its face down, while your partner lies on you and is located between your legs, allowing him to penetrate you easily.

Finally, the best way to get out of the sexual routine is to use the imagination and put into practice all the positions that give us more pleasure, such as the “cat tongue”.