Latex clothing on your sex blog

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Latex Clothing: Know the details before choosing

Latex is not the easiest material to put on. Do not expect your new suit to slip on like pajamas. So how to put on a latex clothing!

It will take time, method, patience, products and sometimes help! But the game is worth the candle! First, if your latex is stored in a cool room, think about taking out your outfit a few minutes before donning so that it adapts to the ambient temperature and regains its flexibility the cold makes the latex stiffer.

First of all, never try to put on “dry” latex. Not only will it be difficult because you will leave some hair, but, in addition to that, you will have to shoot like crazy and risk cracking it! There are two products, without risks for latex, which will be of great help for threading:


It is naturally slippery, which makes it easy to put on.

Advantage of talc: inexpensive / Protects the latex during storage

Disadvantage of talc: Can hang on the hair / leaves marks on the whole outfit

Caution: Use pure talc; avoid scented talc containing harmful products for latex.

Specific “lubricants”

This kind of products, which you will find in all the shops selling latex, is the most effective for putting on a latex suit, acting like any lubricant.

Advantage of specific lubricants: It makes threading much easier and leaves no marks.

Disadvantages: The price, significantly higher than talc / does not have protective function for storage although some use lubricant as storage protection, manufacturers strongly recommend the use of talc or a specific product.

How to put on latex

To put on it, first spray or apply the lubricant all over your skin. Do not use both techniques at the same time either one or the other. Do not hesitate to put more products on the most difficult parts, such as legs and arms once the talc or lubricant on your skin put on your clothes gently, taking care to slide the material against your skin to adjust to the maximum.

If your hand is slippery, do not hesitate to use a dry cloth that acts as a “hook” between your hand and the material. You will more easily slip your latex on your body. If a spot gets stuck or wrinkles are forming, first try to put your hand inside to try to unlock. If that does not work, then try, and in a very delicate way, to “pinch” your latex, with the flat of the fingers and not the tip, to slide it. If you really cannot drag it, it is because the outfit has been improperly threaded or the body is not lubricated enough. In this case, remove the latex completely from the stuck part, add the product and start again.

Be careful, it is important that the latex is well up at the level of the folds between the legs and under the armpits because stretched latex is at great risk of cracking. Be very patient and take your time, put on latex can be very long but it is taking care to put on your latex conscientiously that you will have the best results and the best comfort. It is also taking care of this matter that you can hope to keep it for a long time.

To put it too brutally or roughly will weaken the latex.

At first sight it seems “original” but in the end it raises a much larger question, that of the freedom to dispose of his body, his appearance. No question here of political or religious beliefs but it is nevertheless something that touches you. Dressing can be a purely utilitarian act, an act of coquetry, but also a way of playing with one’s image and asserting one’s identity.

Whatever our choices, to some degree our appearance always says something about us, what we want to communicate to the world.

The latex is a beautiful material but indeed it is clearly connoted and attached to the aesthetics SM and therefore to a sexual aesthetic code. This can create discomfort around you, a latex outfit may be considered inappropriate. Worn in the evening, it will probably feel, but during the day it is indeed much more delicate. Whatever the type of clothing, look it can also be for example in a register Goth, punk, or hip hop, we must be aware of what our choice will cause in others.

Living in society, adapting

We live in society; we cannot deny the impact we can have on others and vice versa. A woman who for example likes to be sexy is absolutely entitled to short skirts. Nevertheless she must be aware that some people will not have enough discernment to understand that this is just a personal preference. The importance of being vigilant about what we wear, where and when. Attitude is also fundamental.

Culture, context: Criteria change from one generation to another and from one country to another. In the US, you will find plenty of women who wear a high neckline and wear heels to make the strippers pale. In Italy and Spain, in the Eastern countries, women’s emancipation seems much more important.

In play: But precisely, being a minority makes you more special, you belong to this Team Latex Lover. Cheeks-in. Cultivate this difference, it is part of your charm for sure!

Sexuality and fantasies, an intimate and private domain

There is no question of seeking to claim a type of sexuality in the public domain. By wearing latex, you make an aesthetic choice. You have all the rights as long as you remain aware of the degree of “decency”. To be different and to show one is necessarily to expose one self to the eyes and to the critics. Too bad for those who might disapprove, we cannot all share the same tastes. After all, there are many women who dress in pinups, and that’s wonderful. The whole thing is not to switch into a connoted SM look, even if you claim this difference. It’s all about dosage and harmony. Do not wear an integral latex outfit. You will at least get used to your close surroundings.


You have to balance things and adapt to your environment and the constraints of it. Now, there are people who prefer to favor their own vision and do not limit themselves: tattoos, colored hair, piercings, implants etc. And besides, so much the better, it brings fantasy to our world! So it’s up to you to test and see if you can afford to let go of your job. If you are a hairdresser, a clothing saleswoman for example, that your employer has no problem with that, why not! But if your job imposes a regulatory dress, you know the answer.

Make yourself happy; do not deny your nature, your difference. It’s up to you to play with codes subtly. If you do it well you will inspire people around you who will come to ask you about your clothing.