Blow up dolls on your sex blog

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Tips for doing Blow job and the Invention of Blow up doll models

To begin, you must show that you want to. So make your plan and take time, move in a comfortable way and attack the four stages.

1. Awakening

Do not put the sex of your lover in the mouth if he does not have an erection, it will not be nice. Preliminaries to a blowjob! To do this, you can take care of its erogenous zones such as the spinal knot at the root of the hair, in the neck. You can also create vibrations through his pants with your nails or caress him tenderly.

2. The geisha massages

Before the mouth, hands enter the scene. Remember to have them soft and use lubricant if necessary. To masturbate your man, think about exerting a stronger pressure during the movement from the bottom to the top and make sure that the rhythm is sufficiently sustained.

3. The mouth enters the scene

At this stage, the penis should no longer have contact with the hands. This would reduce the sensation of contact with the lips. Avoid moving your sex, rather adapt your position.

Start with gentle kissing, lip service, along the urethra and up to the brake. Become aware of your breath, he has a role to play too. Then put the tip of your tongue between your lips for kisses more wet.

The tongue then caresses the penis. Always stop before the glans to create frustration and make your man want more.
Start the blowjob by licking your tongue on the brake and all around the crown. Then lick the glans gently.

Once all this preparation started, suck the glans a bit and recalculate it with your mouth. Then take care of the rest of the body, it will make him crazy.

Come back under the belt and remove the glans with the lips. You do not have to go back and forth. Your hands now have a role to play as an extension of the mouth along the penis.

4. The after

When a man is going to ejaculate, the glans swells and there is a contraction along the urethra. Learn to recognize these signs so as not to be surprised unless you have chosen to welcome the sperm of your partner in the mouth.

So when were the blow up dolls made, the manufacturing companies, specialized in erotic services, promises to open a robotic coffee-pipe in Rive. The blowjobs will be administered by silicone dolls equipped with a vibrating mouth. Publicity shot? Whether performed by real or fake girls, in Geneva, the tariffed sexual services are proscribed in the bistros. The project falls apart.

After two weeks, LumiDolls closed: the lease was terminated by an owner furious to learn the exact nature of the business he housed. The brothel moves to secret premises … without it being possible to verify this information. The site invites to make a reservation online. You must indicate the doll of your choice and the way you want it to be dressed: in lingerie, schoolgirl, businesswoman or jogging suit.

In America, a country that fights prostitution, dolls first appeared as life-saving outlets

In the press, fantasies are going well. Some journalists are worried: will dolls compete with flesh and bone prostitutes? Others are enthusiastic: thanks to dolls, the perverse and frustrated can “be satisfied” without any human being wronged, they say, going so far as to predict the end of trafficking in human flesh.

The professional sex association says: A doll cannot speak. Do not drink champagne with you, noting that prostitute clients are not necessarily bullies. Even venal, desire is words and exchanges. How to make him born with an inert object? Is it possible to get excited about an ersatz cold skin, heavy as a corpse and fixing the ceiling with an empty eye.

The love doll, a luxury muse

Do not believe at all in the profitability of a brothel of dolls. Firm based in Lyon that manufactures and distributes love dolls American design. Dolls are not sex toys. They are not designed for that. After a few weeks of intensive use, especially with customers who do not know how to handle them, the dolls break. So it’s not profitable. When a man pays just 100 dollars for a shot, he does not care if the love doll is a luxury item made by hand.

Behrouz Mehri

In America, in a very revealing way, the thousands of doll brothels disappeared for the same reasons: customers who wanted to “take a shot” did not like dolls for themselves. They damaged them. Some even photographed their silicone partner in a ridiculous posture, then posted the image on the Internet, as if to avenge itself.

When the phenomenon called doll fuzoku (“sex business dolls”) starts in late 2003, it is well received: in this country that fights prostitution, the dolls are like life-saving outlets. With her, the tariffed relationship becomes legal. Customers as well as club patrons rejoice. It is about putting expensive objects within the reach of all, to democratize access to a sexuality deemed more humane and cleaner.

Dolls working for nothing

By replacing flesh-and-bone women with dolls, brothel bosses were thinking of bringing in new customers, while reducing the cost of labor to zero. Cradled by illusions, the media see this unprecedented trade as a way to solve both the frustration of men and the exploitation of women. Love dolls are also nicknamed iyashi goods: “produced to heal”, alluding to their ability to “heal the heart”. In Switzerland and Spain, several projects aimed at replacing prostitutes with silicone beings have emerged. Launched in 2003 in America, the phenomenon of “sex business” dolls yet suffered a resounding failure.

A deceptive boom

The article however mentions a troubling fact that is already announcing the upcoming financial bankruptcy: when the journalist asks him who the customers are, Kimura answers: Ordinary men between the ages of 30 and 40 who come to see. It turns out that the doll fuzoku boom relies almost entirely on the effect of novelty. That is to say those customers, once their curiosity satisfied, do not return. Dolls, unlike prostitutes seem unable to retain a customer.

To want, the customer needs the other person to look at it. And offers himself as the mirror of his fantasy

As of January 2005, the clubs begin to close one after the other. In April, the magazine Gendai Net publishes an enlightening report on why those who go to the “brothel doll” do so usually only once. “Our customers, for the most part, are out of curiosity,” says a manager. There are also people who are reluctant to buy a doll and do a “test drive.” The test ride is inconclusive, it seems. To try to understand the cause, another review, leads the investigation: in September 2005, she hires several testers to go to the brothel. Their testimony is enlightening. They say they feel a great embarrassment when they find the doll lying on the bed.