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Balls – the ideal simulator for Kegel exercises

If you think that vaginal balls are the fruit of the sexual revolution, the product of the moral freedom of the 1960s, then you are much mistaken.

Vaginal balls – it is an ancient invention

It turns out, as early as the 5th century AD. Ben Wah balls were used. Made of metal or ivory, Ben Wah was inserted into the vagina to enhance the pleasure of a man during intercourse. The women of ancient America used light vibrating movements of balls as a prelude or to achieve orgasm.

Sex experts consider Ben Wa balls to be a useful tool for researching and controlling the sensual side of a person.
It is a little anatomy or balls not only for pleasure

It is good when our organism works without failures, but what to do if there were problems with health?

According to research results, every third woman has problems with weakened pelvic muscles due to stress urinary incontinence, menopause, after childbirth or as a result of sexual intercourse, etc. after pregnancy, menopause, as a result of surgery, bladder infections, or just because of age. If the muscle is weakened, it needs to be trained.

The muscles of the pelvic floor or pubic-coccygeal muscle (LK-muscle) act like a hammock, stretching in the lower part of the pelvis between the pubic bone and the coccyx. These muscles hold all pelvic organs, bladder, uterus and rectum.

Kegel Charging

American gynaecologist invented the perinea-meter, which was used to measure the strength of arbitrary contractions of the muscles of the perineum.

Developed by Kegel, the Kegel Exercises complex for achieving relaxation in the genital area and training the pelvic floor muscles is very popular now. Strengthening and training these muscles helps in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the rectum and urinary organs, the regulation of sexual functions.

Kegel exercises increase blood flow to the pelvic floor, which increases sensation in the area of the clitoris and vagina and leads to orgasm. The stronger the muscle, the better it contracts, which increases the strength of the orgasm.

A useful path to pleasure

Vaginal balls are an ideal trainer for performing Kegel exercises. Some shots, for example, contain an internal device that is designed to stimulate involuntary contractions of the LK muscles as soon as the chances are inside the vagina. Training of the pelvic floor occurs without any effort. The internal balls rotate to create vibrations from small to intense, to massage and train the LK-muscle. Particular pleasure will bring the use of shots with a vibrator. The vibrator will transmit its pulses to the internal rotating balls and will stimulate point G.

No need to make any conscious effort to keep the balls. They are located inside and held the same as a tampon. The shots are easy to use; they can even be worn while doing household chores or when travelling by bus. You can independently check your muscle tone. To do this, pull the string of balls while squeezing the LK-muscle. If you can hold the balls tightly, then your vaginal muscles are fine.

The balls are great for enhancing the sensations of a woman during intercourse and can remain inside the vagina during anal sex.

This is your body, your life. Do what you want

Despite the word “balls”, the toy trainer is available in two versions from two connected balls or one ball. All women have an individual structure. Some have a small vaginal size, a different arrangement of the cervix, so they use only one catch for exercise. One ball is suitable for all women without exception. Balls were consisting of two balls usually ideal for 90% of women: 10% of women who are not suitable for these balls typically have a rejected uterus or have had a hysterectomy. But first, let’s see if you need these cute things.

Who needs them and why

It is known that metal or stone (most often jade) balls used the concubines of Ancient America. For what purpose they used them – readings diverge. The concubines themselves will not ask anything, and the researchers of ancient manuscripts can only determine with accuracy where they thrust these areas.

Clitoral stimulants

Some historians believe that girls did this for self-satisfaction (when there were 300 concubines per lord in a harem, idle periods could be quite lengthy, the question had to be solved somehow), others that with the aim of training the lord If you try to insert a jade or all-metal ball, you will soon find that you need to be a very trained concubine to hold it for a long time. He will fall out! So, looking at this beauty, do not torment yourself with the question “How can I get those without a string?” To get is not a problem. The problem is to hold.

Nowadays, the balls are “appointed” not too young concubines, but on the contrary – mostly to faithful spouses and virtuous mothers with good experience of living together. And the goals of the current balls are somewhat different – to preserve the elasticity of the vaginal muscles after childbirth (when they were stretched as a result of mechanical stress) and on the eve of menopause (when they lost flexibility as a result of hormonal changes). So the balls are precisely for training.

How to choose “your size.”

You’d be surprised, but for beginners, they do not suggest the smallest, but the biggest balls. The larger the diameter, the more exciting it will be. You will feel it by the walls of the vagina at any degree of its stretch. The lighter the ball, the easier it will be to hold it inside. Then you are able for half an hour (while driving!) Not to let go of the ball, and you have the right to praise yourself and buy the next one, smaller in diameter and more substantial. Sometimes vaginal balls are sold immediately in sets: large – smaller – small. When you learn how to handle the most modest and heaviest, you can try to tie the load to the ringlet sticking out from the outside. But this is aerobatics!

How to train

Modern balls were designed so that you do not need to do anything specifically: smear with lubricant and enter. They have a displaced centre of gravity (as a rule, this is the wrong sphere, inside which is the correct sphere), so they roll inside at their discretion, and the vagina continually shudders to catch them. All this, of course, is relevant only if you are walking, running, swimming, washing the floors or dancing. If you are sitting in a chair, the balls are held inside by the chair, and not by your efforts. Double balls in this regard are more complex and more efficient than single balls: they have two centres of gravity.
When you have already reached certain heights and can use all-metal, stone or glass ben-was not silicone, you can move on to individual exercises and cultivate a geisha in you: drive the balls up and down and even rotate, reducing the vaginal muscles.