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Urethral Stimulation by Dilator and Sperm Stunt

A penis plug is a medical toy that is inserted directly into the urethra. This is medical grade stainless steel that has been rounded and smoothly polished at the tip to be added. Why is a penis plug erotic at all? What is unique about sex with a penis plug? For many, inserting an item into the urethra sounds rather painful and not particularly exciting. But a urethral plug can produce precisely the feeling after insertion as if the man just came to orgasm. This is precisely what Dilator fans love about penis plugs because usually this moment only lasts for a few seconds. Thanks to Bougie (urethral stimulator) this feeling of “coming” can be artificially produced without actually reaching orgasm.

Penis plugs are often referred to very differently: dilator, Spermabremse, Prinzenzepter, penile diabolo, Bougie, Spermastopper or urethral plug or urethral stimulator. Everything relates to the little toy (usually made of stainless steel) that stimulates the urethra. In principle, urethral stimulation belongs to clinic sex. You can perform the stimulation on yourself or have it done by a partner. The urethral stimulation by penis plugs is also used in the area of BDSM.

Types of Penis Plug

There are different variants of penis plugs. They differ in shape, size and field of application. Some may be worn for a more extended period, others only during a session. But in principle, all penis plugs have in common that they stimulate the urethra.

Closed Penis Plug

The classic among the penis plugs is a closet rod, which was rounded off at its end. The closed plug is inserted with some lubricant into the opening of the glans into the urethra. This makes the penis plug a sperm stopper. If it comes to ejaculation, the sperm cannot squirt from the penis.

Pierced Penis Plug

The pierced penis plug is like a tube through which, however, liquids can pass. Compared to the standard dilator, the pierced penis rod is not a sperm stopper for the sperm comes from the penis, if it comes to ejaculation. Therefore, this variant of the penis plug is a kind of reinforcement for the urethra, which is additionally stretched.

Penis Plug with Flexible Tube

The penis plug with a flexible tube made of plastic is of the type like a pierced penis plug; only that makes the model more comfortable to wear. Some models also have an acorn ring that can be fixed directly to the glans. Thus, the dilator does not have to be continuously adjusted by hand but remains in place by the fixation. In general, the variants with plastic tube are quite cheap. You should make sure that the metal parts and the plastic are firmly connected. Otherwise, the metal could come off the plastic tube when pulling out the penis plug and remain in the urethra. This scenario should be avoided.


Long Dilator

Dilators can also have a length of 30cm. These rods inserted into the urethra even reach the bladder. Thus, it can be controlled when precisely the urine flow can take place. Of course, a large part of the urethra can be stimulated with a long dilator. Because of the length, these models are only recommended for advanced users.

Ribbed Penis Plug

Structured Penis Plugs are not just a flat penis rod; they have a regular structure. Through this structure, for example, by corrugations, the urethra can be stimulated even more, since each small groove is felt both during insertion into the glans and in the urethra.

Vibrating Penis Plug

Not only can a vibrating penis plug be inserted like a conventional dilator, but as the name implies, it can vibrate. The vibration transfers to the entire penis plug, stimulating the urethra even more. Like a vibrator, the vibration can be switched on and off. Built-in batteries those are interchangeable.

Dilator Sets

For urethral stimulation, the urethra must be gently stretched. Here, many usually resort directly to a penis plug set that contains different urethra sticks in different thicknesses. Thus, the urethra can be slowly brought to large dilators. A slow stretching of the urethra is necessary because it can cause injury when stimulating the urethra with too thick dilators.

Chastity Belt with Penis Plug

Even a chastity belt can be provided with a penis plug. By constructing the penis plug as a chastity belt, the wearer can no longer put down the penis plug himself. This model is especially suitable for BDSM sessions. As a rule, chastity belts with a dilator are not ideal for everyday life, but rather for the power game. The probe simultaneously stimulates the urethra and serves as a sperm stopper.


Penis plugs up to 10 centimetres in length:

Once the first penis plug is created, a more comprehensive and broader range of penis plugs is offered within the world of male sex toys. Differentiated from urethral dilators due to the lack of plugs for any medical use, the great variety of penis plug resides fundamentally in its length and design. For some firms, any urethral toy that does not maintain medical use would be included in the world of penis plugs. Other companies, however, separate penis plugs from other urethral toys. In this case, the border between one and the other would reside mainly in the length of the same. You could say that every element of up to 10 centimetres in diameter would be classified as a penis plug. However, it would not be its only feature. Later we will see that penis plugs can overcome these measures.

Not exceeding ten centimetres in length allows many men to start to try and enjoy sounding using penis plugs that maintain these dimensions, afraid of suffering pain or damage to the urethra if they introduce objects of greater sizes inside. Most penis plugs are of small quantities for the same reason: to be presented as a toy with which to stimulate the first stretch of the urethra. Introducing more elongated objects frightens many novices and beginners who, in this way, do decide to boost their urethral duct for the first time if the purpose to be introduced is of small dimensions. Do not forget that for many men it is difficult to overcome the natural barrier that physiognomic ally presents the passage between the navicular fossa and the rest of the urethral canal.

The most straightforward design would be the one baptised as Policeman’s Nightstick, or “police baton”. It would come from the Prince’s Wand, and it would be identical to the same but lacking, in this case, the branch adapted to piercing, in some circles. Also, the original Prince’s Wand would receive this name. You can find the best selection of penis plugs for sale here.