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How to clean your vibrator after having mind-blowing Intercourse?

Vibrators are essential tools if you want to spice up your sex life, whether you are single or with someone. Therefore, it is imperative that you take good care of it because it is your health; when using dildos, the watchword is probably cleanliness. The latter also plays an immense role in the longevity of these little toys, so we must not neglect its accomplishment.

This section speaks specifically of its cleanings, what should be done or not so that the complete realisation is perfect? At first, it will seem complicated, but then you will see that it is a task that works with ease; you will have nothing to fear because an expert will guide you step by step.

According to the raw material used during its conception

First of all, you have to take note that the products to be solicited turn out to be different for each material and this is obligatory if you want your dildo to always be like new.

Before any practice, it is essential that you consult the instruction manual delivered with your device, since some of them may have specificities to take into consideration; and in principle, the manufacturers provide all this to you.

Know that there are intimate and personal objects; consequently, the best is to avoid lending them to others; although if you want to share it, make sure you wear a condom every time they change users for your property. After each use, they must be wiped with a cotton cloth and polished with aseptic soap.

Assuming it is an anal stimulator, in this case, you are advised to take more care in sanitation, since many pathogens nest in the colon. If necessary, do not hesitate to use boiling water; then, do not forget to disinfect them according to the type of body of creation.

No matter what your toy is crafted, except glass or metal, you are forbidden to use a cleaner that contains alcohol. It is best that you acquire the right products in the shops because they have gone through careful studies to purify, disinfect, and not spoil your gadgets whatever their background. Besides, their use is very convenient, and you only have to spray it on your utensil, wait a minute for it to work, rub with a soft cloth and finally rinse with clear water.


If your vibrator is made of pure silicone

That is, it operates without the slightest mechanism inside, such as batteries; in this condition, you can wash it with water at a very high temperature, or with soapy water or a special detergent. It can also be leached into the dishwasher.

If it’s Pyrex crystal

In general, this kind of glass is somewhat consistent compared to those who are traditional; its solidity will allow many eventualities of gait until boiling.

If it’s acrylic or plastic

Dust it with lukewarm water and neutral soap, and you’re done.

If it’s metal

It is the easiest to maintain because of its resistance; however, it is forbidden to put it in the dishwasher at the risk of oxidising it; powerful detergents are also to be banned because they are likely to deteriorate the surface or leave unpleasant marks.

If it’s made of Jelly, rubber or latex

Know that its surface is porous; subsequently, the possibility is minimal. You have only one alternative, water not too hot or too cold and soap, and it is essential that you rinse it thoroughly to remove all traces of antiseptic that will cause you unbearable irritations.

Regarding drying

For nothing to hide, the idea is to make them dry in the open air; on the other hand, if you do not have the patience, take a soft and clean towel.

In short, to fully enjoy the unlimited pleasures that its vibrators offer you, expert suggest you pay close attention to your love toy.

How to store a vibrator

Even the best vibrator will very quickly turn into useless rags if it is not stored correctly. Moreover, any sex toy is a thing that requires the most careful and thorough care, because otherwise, it can become dangerous for the health of the owner. And finally, there are sex devices from materials that require special conditions for storage, care, etc. Let’s talk more about cleaning, storing sex toys so that they serve us as long as possible.

Cleaning the vibrator after use

After each use of the vibrator, it must be cleaned. Only, in this case, it will be possible to ensure the sterility of the product, which will become the guarantor of your health. You can learn how to clean the toy by reading the instructions attached to it. Do not be lazy and carefully read the user’s manual, since for some vibrators made from especially delicate materials, for example, cyber leather, it is necessary to take extra care with special tools. If, however, to ignore the rules of cleaning devices, the vibrator, the price of which was more than high, will lose its appearance, and perhaps will begin to scatter or stratify. Remember: sex toys are an ideal environment for the development of pathogens, and inattention to cleaning such devices can lead to unfortunate consequences.

Proper storage of the vibrator

Most sex toys should be kept in a cool, dark place, but this is just a general recommendation. Some sex devices require not only special cleaning but also special storage conditions. Therefore, the reading of the instructions cannot be refused in any case. Another essential requirement for storing sex toys is their inaccessibility to outsiders. Agree, it will not be too cute if relatives or guests stumble upon your little secrets. Therefore, the ideal storage for vibrators can be considered a box in a bedside dresser or a cabinet with a key lock.

Well, one more tip for last. Turning to the vibrator shop, find out from the seller not only the price, the possibilities of the sex toy you like but also how it should be cleaned, stored, etc. It is possible that you will not be satisfied with too high requirements for the care of the product. There are many great sex toys whose responsibility are at least relatively simple and do not require too much time and effort.