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Using a male chastity belt can be very pleasant, but few know it

The chastity underwear for women is known, especially for the historical references that tell us how, when the lord of the castle on duty was going to fight his battles for the world, he left the lady of the house with a Hulk that prevented him from having sex with other men. Probably also bothered him to go to the bathroom, clean up etc. but yes, the honour of the warrior was safe.

What is not so well known is the existence of the so-called male chastity belts, a kind of anatomical cages in which the penis is inserted, the padlock is closed, and the key is given to the person to whom submission is offered. Although there are also those who do not do it because of subjection to another, simply as a private game, come on, they put it on and take it off when they feel like it.

Male chastity underwear

What happens when you wear a chastity belt or underwear? Well look, roughly it turns out that you cannot have erections, because it does not fit inside, of course, any sex, you cannot even masturbate and, logically, it is impossible to have an orgasm. Surely the majority has shrunk your stomach just thinking about it, but as for tastes were made colours, there are those who get excited a lot imagine it. Those who use it claim that depriving oneself of orgasm increases sexual desire and in the relations of domination/submission it is an added incentive because the master in question can deny the one who leads him not only of having relationships but purely and directly to cum.

Of course, the trust between the person who carries it and whoever holds the key must be absolute because it implies a great responsibility for the dominant one. The user of the belt may feel discomfort when using it, and if it is defective or quietly not adequately positioned, injuries may occur, and the key holder must be available to remove it as quickly as possible.

By carrying this belt, you feel that you have no control over your cock, which reinforces the feeling of feeling inferior, someone who does not deserve or run and who should be put in place. And this is said by a boy who in his normal life is an extroverted and ambitious guy, a winner with a hidden facet. How amazing is the human being and how great it is that everyone can live their sexuality as they please!

The invention of this mechanical Ingenuity, known as the chastity underwear, took place in the Middle Ages, around the twelfth century. He arrived in all over the world after, reaching great diffusion throughout Europe, especially in the Renaissance period. Also, it received other denominations, like the belt of Venus or Florentine belt.

The belt of chastity appears in history as a reflection of the mentality of the nascent medieval bourgeoisie, which considered women, or more specifically their sex, as one of their properties and, therefore, worthy of the strictest protection and surveillance. Now, the bourgeois did not possess strong castles with high towers to hide his lady, in the style of the great lords of the feudal nobility. Therefore, he managed to find another method no less expeditious, but within reach, to prevent the possible infidelities of his wife and retain family honour over any contingency. So when the bourgeois went on a business trip and could not keep an eye on his wife, he resorted to the chastity belt.

Invalid any Sexual Devaneo?

Needless to say, that passionate defender of the cult of women as is the man was not satisfied with just watching and protecting his legitimate wife. The lovers or concubines ran the same fate as the former. Thus, the forceful system of chastity belts was introduced.

This repressive instrument, so ingenious and exclusively for women, consisted of a piece of metal that covered the sexual organs of women. Naturally, such a metal barrier, locked with a padlock, of which only the husband was supposed to possess the key, made any sexual flirtation unfeasible.

However, this unbearable and jealous care of the husbands did not avoid, apparently, the dangerous temptations of the women, who with much insight and no less ingenuity managed to get one or even several more keys from that safe. Precisely throughout the satirical repertoire of the time abound stories and allusions full of humour and irony about the second key of such belts.

Velvet and Silver Belt

The most varied models were made from the chastity belt, from the poorest and most straightforward, the wealthiest and most sophisticated, worthy of the most demanding taste. The belt is made of velvet and encircled the thighs and buttocks, pressing against the sex a silver plate in which a small hole had been formed.

In 1889, in an Austrian church, the skeleton of a woman who still wore the chastity belt with which she had been buried was discovered. It consisted of a series of belts, linked at various points that surrounded the pelvic region. Two metal plates covered the front and back, and although a buckle could remove the latter, the previous plate was secured by a lock.

Some of these belts have become authentic museum pieces, because of the richness and good taste with which they were adorned. In the Farnham museum of Blandfort, in Dorset (England), there is a chastity belt of metal plates and exceptional conformation. Even the holes are artistically carved. In the dishes, there is a double security system and pins so that they could be lined with some soft touch material such as velvet or similar, which avoids the scourges. Among the belts that are exhibited in the Cluny museum, there is one from Spain.

Survival in the Nineteenth Century

The use of chastity belts goes back to relatively modern times. Still in the nineteenth century, in the United States, the women of the pioneers of Pennsylvania wore these belts, made with strips of thick, joined by rivets. Two more that encircled the body entered the strip that passed between the legs, and at a certain point, they were secured with a padlock. Even mothers put these insurances to their daughters when they went hiking; they were called “day belts”.

The widespread and stupid habit of restricting the freedom of women in the matter of love has brought with it the use, according to the times and the countries, of many other procedures more or less vulnerable to the chastity belts. Sometimes, these methods, as well as rude, deserve the name of savages. Such as, for example, the practice of Infibulation, more primitive than that of the chastity belts. It was to introduce between big lips organ sexual woman a thick ring, clasps, buckles or other similar instruments that would prevent any possibility of the sexual relationship. This ancient custom is still practised today in certain countries of the Far East and certain places in Africa.

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